Sabado, Enero 26, 2013

Is this you, Best friend

Find your best friend

If you want to have a best friend, don’t just sit down and wait. You must look for a person that has qualities to be a good friend. But for now, let’s answer this question, how we find our best friend?
First, explore. You must meet people. If you have interest in music, writing, arts, you can join a club. If you can meet a person that has same interest or personality as yours, you both can build friendship.
Second, use Internet. We all know that Internet is powerful. In a click, you can find a lot of websites. If you want to have friends you must join in a website or you can use social networking website like Facebook or MySpace.
Third, look around. Sometimes we are busy looking for stone and not realizing that the people in front of you are like diamonds. What I mean is, if you are working, try to be friendly to your co-workers. Ask them to join you in your snack or lunch.
Fourth, a simple ‘hi’ will do. If you saw your neighbor, talk to her. I believe that it will be the beginning of a wonderful friendship. 

Best friend defines as...

Best friend is hard to find. Yes, we have lots of friends but we are not sure if they are the best. For me, best friend is the person who is always there for me. In my ups and down. So, do you think that you have found your best friend?
If you say yes, you are very lucky because true friend is very rare. You can say that you have lots of friends but not all of them can offer their shoulder when you are in miserable condition.
Oh, I am so glad that I found my best friend. We are afar from each other but she is always there for me. I feel her presence everytime I read her letters. She is so concern. She knows that I am terribly hurt so she chooses the right words to say. But there are times that she’s getting angry. But because she’s really mad at me but because she wanted me to realize that what I am doing is wrong. 

Miyerkules, Enero 16, 2013

The meaning of BFF I need you

A true friend is always there for you no matter what. But there are times that our own friends betrayed us because of love, career and money.
Are you hurt? Did your friend betray you?
If you say yes and you feel that you are alone, I want you to know that I am here for you. Maybe I can’t be with your side but my website is open for your voice. You can tell me your problem and I will give you advice.
BFF, I need you. These words are enough for me to read and reply to your letter. You can tell me your problem. 
Even you have your family and friends with you, I believe that you still have secret that you can’t voice out to them. So, I am willing to listen. I want to help you. I am willing to reach out so that you will have a best friend.